Philosophy for Arts Education


Art is a subject which can allow a student to innovatively explore artistic perception, creative expression, historical/cultural content, aesthetic valuing as well as connections, relations and application.  I believe with art education students will be able to use the creative tools learned in the exploration of arts and use these tools to develop better understanding and knowledge in other curriculum.  Art is creation, innovation and knowledge which may allow an individual to explore the world.

Mission Statement for Arts Education

Within the guidelines of State and National Arts Education Standards, it is my mission to create a safe learning environment for creative student learning while promoting self expression, self confidence and lifelong learning through the exploration of arts. 

Personal Goals for Arts Education

My personal goal is to pursue higher education to increase my knowledge and comprehension for arts education and the positive effects it has on students.  It is my goal to create art curriculum which is based upon lifelong learning while using the arts as a tool to cross over to other subjects taught in Junior High and High School.


Class of 2016

Collaborative Art Provided by U-Prep 2015-2016 AP Art  and Art Students



Graduated Art students

Collaborative Art Provided by U-Prep 2014-2015 AP Art Students

Collaborative Art Provided by U-Prep 2013-2014 Senior Art Students


Collaborative Art Provided by U-Prep 2012-2013 Senior Art Students